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Establishing and maintaining a great skin care routine can do wonders for the look, feel, and health of your skin. That’s why afoora Harandi, MD, Sarah Guido-NP, and Julie Ramus-NP,, of West Plano Medical Associates, offers top-quality skin care products to the community of Plano, Texas. You can rely on Dr. Harandi for guidance on creating a customized skin care routine that aligns with your needs. 

Why is skin care so important?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and performs numerous tasks every day. In addition to creating a resilient barrier between your internal structures and the outside world, your skin also helps regulate your body temperature, eliminates toxins, and allows dead cells and other debris to exit your body. 


Your skin is also one of the first things people notice about you. If you don’t take care of your skin, you’ll appear older before your time, and your skin may not function as well as it would with proper care. 

What are some basic skin care products that everyone should use?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available skin care options. There are so many to choose from that many people end up randomly selecting products that might not be best for their skin. 


Most people will benefit from a skin care routine that includes the following basic products:


  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • High-quality sunscreen


From here, there are many other products that can help hydrate, protect, and beautify your skin. A manual or chemical exfoliant is a great way to remove dead skin cells and other debris.  


Incorporating a serum is a wonderful way to boost your skin care, and there are also many masks that can help balance and nourish your skin. An eye cream is great for nourishing the delicate skin around your eyes. 

How do I know which skin care products are formulated for my skin?

At West Plano Medical Associates, Dr. Harandi can help you build a skin care routine designed for your specific needs. She begins with a thorough assessment to determine your skin type. Next, she works with you to identify areas where you’d like to make changes. 


This information helps Dr. Harandi guide you toward the products that can bring you closer to your goals. She is proud to offer Jan Marini Skin Research® products. Complete systems are available, like the popular Skin Care Management System™, or you can select individual products like the Hyla3D™ Face Cream to build your own skin care routine. 


Areas of focus within the Jan Marini line include:


  • Moisture boost
  • Anti-aging
  • Men’s products
  • Oily, dry, or combination skin
  • Skin resurfacing


When you rely on West Plano Medical Associates for professional skin care, there’s never any pressure to choose one product over another and never a push to purchase unnecessary products or services. 


To schedule your visit, call the office or book an appointment online. 

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